Loudoun Brass Quintet



The Loudoun Brass Quintet is a dynamic community ensemble featuring a variety of styles from laid back jazz to classical and spiritual music.

LBQ is under direction of Richard Moreno, who founded the Loudoun Brass Quintet in 1998 as part of the Loudoun Community Band, Inc. LBQ is a standard brass quintet consisting of  John Paganelli (trumpet), Kent Wellman (euphonium), Angelika Kirchmeyer (horn), Richard Moreno (trumpet), and Rick Denney (tuba). 

We mostly commit to playing for charity causes and during charity events, but we also bring music to senior centers, nursing homes, neighborhoods and churches, play weddings, Oktoberfests and Christmas parties.

Find out more about us on our website at www.loudounbrassquintet.org

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