Dr. Gilbert Corella

Dr. Gilbert C. Corella

LSW Music Director and Principal Conductor


Dr. Gilbert Corella has been with the Loudoun Symphonic Winds since 1999, conducting nearly 100 performances. 

He began his musical career as a tubist with the United State Air Force Band. As a member of the Ceremonial Brass, he participated in a broad spectrum of ceremonies, ranging from State arrivals at the White House to full honors funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. His duties expanded as he became a drum major, performed as a soloist and conducted other components of the Air Force Band.

Dr. Corella later became the Director of the Air Force Band’s Chamber Series program, providing more opportunities for his fellow musicians to perform throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. A strong believer in effective communication and relationships, he took on a variety of roles in the public affairs arena.  He fostered partnerships with civilian and other military organizations, promoting the Air Force’s mission to inspire national pride. With his new responsibilities, he managed radio and television productions and represented the Air Force at major music conferences throughout the U.S. He served 25 years, finalizing his Air Force career as the Director of Special Events.

During his military career, he was also active in civilian capacity. He began an instrumental ensemble program at what was then Charles County Community College (today the College of Southern Maryland). As a tubist, he has recorded on several compact discs, including The Bear (Unnatural Ax); Side by Side, A Klezmer Service, National Taptoe, and Tower Music.

An advocate for music education, Dr. Corella founded the Serapis Foundation in 2003. Its mission is to educate and stimulate awareness on the diversity of musical expression. The foundation serves as a vehicle to recruit professional musicians to inspire future generations, targeting the diverse and economically challenged.

His education includes a Bachelor of Arts from the Catholic University of America; a Masters of Arts in conducting and performance from George Mason University; and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the Catholic University of America as the first-ever graduate in tuba performance.

He currently teaches tuba and euphonium at George Washington University and has been there since 1999. In his spare time, he serves as a full-time communications consultant for the federal government.

He may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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